Who We Are

Eco Snow Removal is a Boulder based company that’s 100% focused on Snow and Ice Management services, and 100% committed to providing those services with as little impact on the environment as possible! We are a leader in our field, and are proud to be in business in the beautiful county of Boulder!

Owner/Operator Martyn Church is a Certified Snow Professional (CSP)

Eco Snow Removal is a new name to the industry, but certainly not a new face. Martyn Church, Owner, brings 15+ years of experience in operations management and staff supervision, and 5 years specifically in the snow removal industry. From 2007 – 2011 he served as Operations Director of one of the largest snow removal companies in Boulder. He has provided excellent service to various property types including commercial office parks, retail shopping centers, and residential associations. From real, hands on job experience, Martyn knows how build and lead high performance teams, problem solve and mitigate risk.

His vision for Eco Snow Removal is to become a market leader for environmentally conscious businesses, while raising the standards for excellent service in the snow removal industry.


Martyn understands that the staff of Eco Snow Removal are the backbone of its operation, and expects them to take as much pride in their work as he does. Every employee completes hands on training prior to the snow season, and learns the specific requirements for each individual client. They are educated with the appropriate training manuals for their position and are trained in customer service, vehicle and plow maintenance, and operations for all equipment.

Eco Snow Removal’s staff team is ready for any weather event, be it a minor dusting, or a major blizzard, these “snow fighters” are ready, whenever bad weather hits!